Pindler’s Archive Trim Collection was developed in partnership with the Museum of International Folk Art, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The museum is the largest of its kind in the world – home to an extraordinary world-class collection of more than 130,000 objects from more than 100 countries and 6 continents. Spanning from the late 1600’s to the present, this collection features folk art, furniture, jewelry, pottery and textiles from around the world. The 300,000-piece ethnographic textiles and dress collection is acclaimed by textile scholars as one of the top ten in the world. Each country has a unique textile tradition, one that utilizes the materials, methods of manufacture and motifs unique to a given region.

The Archive Trim Collection represents the diversity of the world’s traditions and the artisans who keep them alive. Each pattern in the collection was inspired by a museum object, textile, or garment. This stunning grouping features multicolored trims, tapes and fringes – created using age-old techniques and a variety of luxurious and strong fibers. The Archive Trim Collection offers designers many options for adding meaningful embellishment with a variety of designs, colors and textures.