Pindler’s fall fabrics offer the perfect cozy addition to every fall setting

It’s finally here. The season of sweater weather, pumpkin spice, and all things cuddly and cozy. As we say goodbye to the vibrant colors and light, breezy fabrics of summer. Pindler is preparing for fall with several fabrics in a selection of warm beiges, mustard yellows, pine greens and burnt oranges that add the perfect seasonal vibe to any setting.

6584 Fuzzy, colors Ivory, 7025 Fluffy, colors Cream & Pine, 6769 Melange, color Natural, 7243 Bridger, color Woodland, 4572 Trianon, color Forest, 7240 Ellis, color Pine, 7050 Kennedy, color Mocha

Soft Textures

Picture this: you just got home from picking apples or exploring the pumpkin patch. You’re all bundled up, and you can smell pie baking in the oven as you watch the crisp, autumn breeze rustle the trees outside. The perfect backdrop for this scene? A room that captures the essence of the season with soft, touchable, textural fabrics that create an inviting fall mood.


Nothing screams fall more than the sentimental comfort of wools. With a quintessentially cozy look that brings to mind sweaters, blankets, scarves and hand-knitted mittens, wools create a homey, welcoming atmosphere. Made from strong, durable, natural fibers, wools embody the best of the season.


For a more sophisticated fall aesthetic, velvets offer the ideal blend of coziness and luxury. Durable, yet soft and comfortable, velvets add a rich, smooth look that complements a wide variety of design concepts. From small accents that bring a touch of elegance to statement drapery that sets the mood of the room, velvets are a must-have when it comes to fall settings.

Faux Fur

It isn’t fall until you’ve spent at least one day cuddled up on the couch with a warm drink and your favorite book or movie. And the best way to create the perfect environment for snuggling up inside is decorating with faux furs. Perfect for everything from pillows to decorative throws, faux furs leave everyone feeling warm and fuzzy.

6772 Telluride, color Rustic, 7243 Bridger, colors Woodland & Spice, 6771 Breckenridge, color Rustic, 7240 Ellis, color Spice, 7175 Athena, color Spice, 6171 Hyde, color Walnut, 6119 Furever, color Cinder
7243 Bridger, color Stone, 7064 Lofty, color Fox, 7241 Carlton, color Stone, 7242 Greer, color Flannel, 7240 Ellis, color Flannel, 7239 Sebastian, color Flannel, 6770 Classic, color Chestnut, 7169 Colburn, color Marble, 5208 Tavish, color Flannel, 5213 Glasgow, color Flannel, 6769 Melange, color Terrazzo, 6584 Fuzzy, color Ivory
7243 Bridger, colors Camel & Charcoal, 7238 Claiborne, color Camel & Pine, 7242, Greer, color Charcoal, 7240 Ellis, colors Stone, Camel & Pine, 7241 Carlton, color Camel, 6292 Atlas, color Camel, 1556 Caden, color Graphite, 7025 Fluffy, color Pine

All of these fall fabrics are available at Pindler’s 16 corporate showrooms and nine agent showrooms across the U.S. as well as two agent showrooms in Canada.

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