Pindler Unveils Sustainable Fabrics, Highlighting Refined Recycle Collection

Pindler, the renowned fabric manufacturer company headquartered in California, is proud to announce the launch of its latest Sustainable Campaign, underscoring its ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation in the textile industry.

In a continued effort towards sustainability, Pindler’s Sustainable Campaign exclusively features fabrics crafted from recycled materials. Central to this initiative is the relaunch of the acclaimed Refined Recycle Collection. These fabrics boast a fiber content comprising recycled materials, aligning seamlessly with Pindler’s evolving dedication to enhancing sustainability practices. With this great campaign there is no sacrifice on the beautiful patterns and feel that you expect from Pindler.

A significant portion of the fiber content comprises 100% regenerated yarns sourced from discarded textiles, such as used garments. Through an intricate process, these remnants are transformed into new, exquisite yarns, which are then woven into stunning fabrics. This innovative recycling process significantly reduces energy consumption, water usage, and reliance on raw materials, thereby minimizing environmental impact.

“Pindler is committed to pioneering sustainable solutions within the textile industry,” remarked Sean Quinn, President at Pindler. “Our Sustainable Campaign and the relaunch of the Refined Recycle Collection underscore our dedication to environmental responsibility and innovation. By incorporating recycled materials into our fabrics, we not only reduce waste but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.”

Pindler’s dedication to sustainability extends beyond product innovation. As a California-based company, Pindler operates under stringent environmental standards, striving to minimize its ecological footprint while maintaining high-quality standards in all aspects of its business operations.

The Sustainable Campaign marks a significant milestone for Pindler, with an impressive array of recycled and sustainable fabrics already featured across its collections. With this latest initiative, Pindler continues to expand efforts towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious textile industry.

Find these and many more fabrics available online, as well as at Pindler’s 16 corporate showrooms and seven agent showrooms across the U.S., and two agent showrooms in Canada.

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