Pindler releases practical, functional
Marine Vinyl, Silicone Vinyl and Easy Clean fabrics

New fabrics answer rising demand for cleanable, durable, usable fabrics

The past year and a half has transformed the way people think about fabrics. As health became a top priority for businesses and individuals alike, easy-to-clean materials soared in popularity. And as families began spending more time at their homes, practical fabrics that could withstand the wear and tear of daily life grew to be a staple in both interior and exterior design.

Demand for functional, durable, cleanable fabrics continues to rise, and in response, Pindler is now offering three product collections — Marine Vinyl, Silicone Vinyl and Easy Clean — that offer gorgeous, usable designs for every setting.


Marine Vinyl is a performance vinyl-coated fabric designed for upholstery use in marine, indoor and outdoor applications that require superior strength and durability. It offers outstanding stain and chemical resistance, as well as UV resistance, bacterial resistance, mildew resistance and low-temperature flexibility. With a look that emulates a woven textile, Marine Vinyl comes in numerous colors to fit every design concept. From boats to hotel poolsides to home backyards, Marine Vinyl completes any setting where functionality is key.


Easy Clean combines the latest stain-free technology with beautiful patterns, textures and colors to provide long-lasting, low-maintenance fabrics that look and feel terrific. Designed for indoor use, Easy Clean fabrics resist stains and repel liquids so they don’t seep into the fibers. Cleaning is as simple as blotting the fabric with a dry, absorbent towel. Easy Clean makes it possible to enjoy life’s messiest moments worry-free.


Silicone Vinyl is a new type of coated fabric made from 100% silicone with a 100% polyester double-knit backing, allowing better recovery and four-way stretch for easier upholstering. Approved for both indoor and outdoor use, it has a leather-like, soft hand with a subtle surface drag. It is also inherently stain resistant, chemical disinfectant resistant, antibacterial, antifungal, mildew resistant, hydrolysis resistant, UV resistant, and denim dye resistant, with superior cold crack performance.

“You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your dream design aesthetic for the sake of practicality,” said Pindler Design Director Sarah Williamson. “Our Marine Vinyl, Silicone Vinyl and Easy Clean products provide tons of gorgeous indoor and outdoor options, so you can create the perfect look while gaining the added peace of mind performance fabrics bring.”

Marine Vinyl, Silicone Vinyl and Easy Clean fabrics are available online or at Pindler’s 16 corporate showrooms and nine agent showrooms across the U.S., as well as two agent showrooms in Canada.

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