Pindler Predicts Top Fabric Trends for 2021

We’ve said goodbye to 2020, and now it’s time to say hello to a new year and new opportunities to get creative with exciting up-and-coming fabric trends. Our design team predicts that 2021 will bring bold colors, comforting environments and a focus on cleanability. As these trends shape the industry this year, vibrant hues, serene shades, soft textures and performance qualities will all be in high demand.

Go Bold

The start of a new year is the perfect excuse to revamp existing spaces and make a bold statement. Vibrant colors like intense purples, saturated oranges and lively pinks are a great way to add a touch of fun. These invigorating shades energize any environment, whether you make a big commitment — like paint or upholstery — or add in small accessories for a pop of color.

Try These Pindler Patterns:

P6348 Kanuma Midnight, 7029 Jacqueline Blossom,
8946 Jefferson Watermelon, 7027 Maestro Multi,
7028 Abode Spring, 7021 Norma Black,
7120 Gresham Rainbow, 7015 Legend Multi,
7020 Nikki Berry

Comfort and Calm

In these times, being able to retreat to comforting and tranquil settings is a must. More people are creating calm, relaxing environments in their homes and filling them with serene colors and soft furnishings that make for a perfect place to unwind. In addition to velvets, which continue to trend, lofty chenille fabrics and bouclé textures are perfect choices for designing plush and cozy interiors.

Try These Pindler Patterns:

7013 Lourdes Aegean, 7064 Lofty Fawn (Fox),
7025 Fluffy Mineral, 7119 Cromwell Travertine,
7118 Harlow Snow, 7120 Gresham Beach (Waterfall),
7063 Benett Cream, 7014 Nexus Teal

Bring The Outdoors In

The performance attributes of indoor-outdoor fabrics continue to make them a go-to for any indoor project. Cleanability has become increasingly important inside the home and, for many, the ease of wiping away spills and being able to clean fabrics with bleach is a win-win. Whether you choose a solid, stripe or pattern — and whether you want a traditional, modern or global aesthetic — there are numerous indoor-outdoor fabrics available that offer both sharp design and peace of mind.

Try These Pindler Patterns:

6615 Fieldgate Indigo, 6989 Hatfield Mesa,
6538 Richfield Silver, 6403 Waterbury Nautical,
6479 Sunnyside Grotto (Poppy), 6743 Lakehurst Adriatic
6987 Gwen Teak, 6886 Olander Pacific,
6616 Keating Denim

A variety of beautiful fabrics that fit these trends are available at our showrooms, or you can explore our selection online.