Emerging Fabric Trends for 2020

As we celebrate the start of a new decade, gorgeous new fabric trends are beginning to emerge. In 2020, we predict that sunny yellows, purple hues, mixed textures and classical designs will take the industry by storm. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate these stunning fabric shades into your next design.

Sunny Spot

Spots of yellow warm up the décor in any space, adding a touch of liveliness and sunshine. With a trendy palette of hues ranging from ochre and burnish to lemon and canary, these eye-catching shades have typically been seen as an accent or pop colors — but now they are taking center stage in designs.

Vivid, warm tones instantly brighten a space with a hint of playful happiness. And because yellows pair beautifully with a wide variety of shades, in 2020 we can expect to see yellows not only being used with aegean teals and cerulean or watery blues, but with a wide variety of other colors. Make a bold statement this year with a splash of yellow.

Passionate About Purple

With hues ranging from rich, dramatic jewel tones to soft, livable lilac, purple has been a color on the rise — and it will continue to thrive in 2020. Want to add a pop of color to a neutral dominant space without overwhelming the design aesthetic? Purple is your answer.

The various tones have an overall grounding effect, while bringing irresistible vibrancy and life into an interior. Purple pairs well with all neutrals and adds a touch of calming sophistication to any colorful space.

It’s All in the Mix

Interiors are once again becoming a direct reflection of those who live in them, rather than just being sleek and architectural. Spaces are warmer, more livable and more comfortable — mixing natural elements like wood and leather with plush textures, wools and faux fur.

Think of it as the tactile backlash that counteracts cold modern spaces and the sleek technology we deal with on a daily basis. Personal touches and embellishment are becoming focal points in these eclectic spaces. Every unique detail and curated accessory tells a story and sparks conversation.

Classical Influence

Classic design never really goes out of style, but it is currently growing in popularity at a rapid pace. Designers are giving these traditional patterns and color palettes a fresh, modern update, while staying true to the timeless roots of the beloved classical look.

After many years of minimal, contemporary and cool neutral interiors, people are yearning to bring timeless design and color back into their homes. In 2020, try classic stripes (both big and small), checks and plaids mixed with prints for a refined, traditional aesthetic.

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