The Silk Collection is comprised of seven exclusive, timeless, and easy to use silk blend solids, checks, and stripes in a spectrum of colors. These much-requested, ageless designs are sure to be staples in the Pindler line. A classic solid, small and mid-scale gingham checks and plaids, and a variety of tailored stripes round out this stunning group. While the fabrics lean traditional in design, the soft, dreamy colors and clean, crisp neutrals used in this collection make them go-to’s for any style and scheme. The fabrics in this collection are woven in a silk blend taffeta construction. Taffeta is a crisp, plain weave that when woven with silk yarns produces a refined, lustrous, and luxurious appearance. The beautiful taffeta quality of these silk blend fabrics also lends itself to being a workhorse in a variety of applications from drapery to upholstery and more!