The Exclusive Pendleton Collection of Sunbrella® fabrics was born from the idea of bringing two best in class brands together. The Pendleton brand is synonymous with quality and craftsmanship and has a history of design deeply rooted in American heritage. Sunbrella®, a pioneer and leader in the textile industry, has established a brand built on quality and performance. Collectively, the collection celebrates the history and strength of both brands, combining the distinct Pendleton aesthetic and the enduring performance qualities of Sunbrella® fabrics.

This latest Pendleton Collection introduction continues the story of those who walked the land before us, a sunset painting a colorful palette, and the mountain range creating texture underhand. The collection—whose story unfolds across the plains of American history—is now available to the trade through Pindler. Our Exclusive Pendleton Collection was born from the idea of bringing two heritage brands together, combining Pendleton Woolen Mills’ authentic and distinct aesthetic, with the enduring performance qualities of Sunbrella® fabrics – easy care, fade-proof, and bleach cleanable. This fabulous grouping of patterns inspired by many iconic historic motifs have been woven in 100% all-weather Sunbrella® solution-dyed acrylic yarns, making it a great collection of useable fabrics for the home, inside and out.