An Ode to NYC

We are excited to be a partner of @NYCxDESIGN’s city-wide exhibition, An Ode to NYC! Stop by our showroom at the New York Design Center (Suite 615) to view custom artwork from the 2021 #OdetoNYC collection.

As a tribute to NYC’s unwavering creative energy, NYCxDESIGN teamed up with 17 leading designers to create a bold series of custom posters expressing a vision for the future for NYC. The #OdetoNYC collection is now on view throughout the five boroughs — we are proud to be one of the destinations that is helping re-energize NYC through this message of hope and love!


Debbie Millman
Renowned Writer, Designer, Educator, and Podcaster

Millman’s “I (Heart) NYF” design is an homage to the iconic I (Heart) NYF logo created by the legendary designer Milton Glaser. This illustration creates an infinite pattern of the logo, resulting in the message I (Heart) NYF forever, hence the name I (Heart) NYF.

Karim Rashid
Iconic Designer

Rashid’s poster titled “Our NYC” features a colorful depiction of the NYC skyline.
Ignacio Serrano Perez
of Milton Glaser

New York is Made up of Dreamers beautifully expresses how “New York City is the place where everything happens, and everyone meets looking for something that they can only obtain here.”
Rich Tu
Award-Winning Designer

“NY ∞,” the colorful poster playfully integrates the infinity sign sprawled across “NY,” expressing that “New York is Forever.”

Come by our space this October and scan the QR code on each poster to purchase your own via @posterhousenyc’s website, with proceeds going to Silicon Harlem.

We are thrilled to be part of such a meaningful tribute to our resilient city!

The posters are available for sale on @posterhousenyc’s website, with proceeds going to Silicon Harlem (@siliconharlem).

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