Pindler presents new additions to Hearst Castle Collection

The Pindler team is excited to present several gorgeous new additions to our popular Hearst Castle Collection. Inspired by a trip our designers made to the historic site in the summer of 2019, these exclusive new additions come 23 years after the launch of the original collection. With a stunning selection of wool and linen embroideries, plush velvets, and printed linen patterns, the new designs capture the timeless elegance and lavishness of the castle in a sophisticated, saturated color palette.



Renacimiento is inspired by an ornate wood carving found in the lower South Duplex Suite of Hearst Castle. Our design team translated their interpretation of the carving work into a beautiful, large-scale, floral design that is embroidered on a wool-blended felt ground cloth.


Provenca is an embroidered, and corded, damask design on a linen-blended ground cloth. The motif was inspired by the bedspread found in Casa Del Mar, and the embroidery technique and colorations were influenced by the beautiful flowers in the gardens around it.


Inspired by the bounty of fuchsia that is planted along the esplanade that encircles Casa Grande, Hojas features a full-coverage foliage design that is embroidered on a linen-blended ground cloth and features a beautiful ombre of color.


Fiorito, inspired by the floral shade of a gilded lamp found in the sitting room of Casa del Sol, is a classically elegant floral frame design, embroidered on a natural-colored ground cloth. The detailed embroidery showcases striking multicolored colorways.


Alamenda was inspired by an armchair found in one of the Doge’s Suite bedrooms. Our design team translated the framed floral design of the woven chair into a new embroidery design that features various techniques on a sateen ground cloth and has both fresh and traditional multicolored colorways.


Terrazza was inspired by the geometric wood carving on the fascia of a desk found in a bedroom in the North Wing of Casa Grande. Harmonizing back to the various new large-scale embroideries, the carving was translated into a midscale design embroidered on a faux silk ground cloth.


Inspired by the magnificent iron work featured on the front entrance of Casa del Mar, Ferronerie’s grand design translates seamlessly to a jacquard velvet quality, which makes a dramatic statement in rich colorways.


Esplanade was inspired by the carefully laid flooring in the east vestibule of the Morning Room in Casa Grande. Our design team translated this mosaic stonework into a printed design on a textural linen-blended ground cloth, which gives it a truly woven appearance.

We have been fortunate to be given access to the vast and diverse collections and archives of fine decorative arts collected by William Randolph Hearst. As we continue telling the story of Hearst’s passion for all things beautiful, the new additions to this exquisite collection are reflective of the grandeur, luxury, wonder and mystique of this famous castle nestled in the hills above the California coast.

You can check out the whole collection, plus the new designs, on our website or at our showrooms across the U.S. and Canada. Using one of the patterns in an upcoming project? We’d love to see it — tag us on social media, @pindlercorp.

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