Pindler Launches Transitional Twist Fabric Collection

New designs offer a modern take on timeless classics

In design, and in life, it’s easy to feel torn between the nostalgia of tradition and the desire for something new and exciting. When it comes to fabrics, classic patterns are comforting and familiar, while modern styles add a fresh, cutting-edge feel to any space. But what if it were possible to have the best of both worlds? Pindler is now offering designers exactly that with its Transitional Twist collection.

This new collection marries timeless elegance with contemporary, transitional appeal, offering a sophisticated take on traditional design, translated into a dramatic and bold approach. Woven in gorgeous tone-on-tone colorations, Transitional Twist includes a beautiful, refined assortment of designs in jewel tones, ranging from vibrant ruby and emerald, to rich sapphire and amethyst, to luxurious champagne and platinum.