Exclusive Bold Designs Offer sophisticated Options That Make a Statement

The Pindler team is thrilled to share that we’ve officially launched our new Exclusive Bold Designs groupings. Each grouping includes two fabrics designed to pair together to add a bold and beautiful touch to any setting.

Nouveau and Maestro

The first grouping, Nouveau and Maestro, includes two patterns that each feature unique, bold colorations and modern artwork. These patterns take geometric designs and add a punch of drama with embellishments and bold colors ranging from sophisticated gold and bronze to rich cerulean blues and poppy red-orange hues.

Adobe and Jacqueline

The second grouping, Abode and Jacqueline, pairs two beautiful, classic patterns that compliment each other perfectly. Abode is a bold, colorful stripe pattern, and Jacqueline is a gorgeous botanical embroidery design in vibrant colorations. The colorations in both designs range from soft pinks and lilac to lime green and violet. Though these fabrics feature traditional designs, the use of bold, bright colors makes them feel sophisticated and fresh.

Mixing fabrics adds visual interest to a space, but it can sometimes be difficult to find patterns that compliment each other — especially bold, vibrant ones. These new groupings offer designers a variety of stunning combinations for every environment.

We encourage you to explore these stunning new pairings on our website. The Exclusive Bold Designs groupings are also available at our showrooms, so be sure to check them out next time you’re in the neighborhood.