Inspired by the fast-paced world of social media networking and the growing human obsession of online instant gratification, internationally-acclaimed designer Richard Frinier’s Network Collection featuring Sunbrella fabrics is a subtle yet transformative layering of constructions, patterns and colors that capture and suspend the attention span. Desiring to press pause and capture the world’s digital landscape, Frinier has created energetic styles that reference his interpretation of shared digital content—seeking to translate internet lexicon into original, relevant and memorable textile creations that are universal and immediately distinguishable by design. Digitally morphed and stylized graphic imagery reflect unique, one-of-a-kind constructions, patterns and textures to reveal the fast-paced and powerful impact of social media.


“The world is moving at a rapid pace, and we’re all online becoming increasingly obsessed with a sense of immediacy and instant gratification. I wanted to press pause and take a screenshot of the digital landscape by translating popular Internet slang into original, relevant and memorable textile creations that would be immediately universal and understandable by design,” Richard Frinier says. “I especially like the range of color contrasts we were able to achieve from more subtle tone-on-tone hues to experimenting with a wavelength of frequencies and fusion of color combinations that adapt easily across countless upholstery applications for both interior and exterior spaces.”  —Richard Frinier