The design team at Pindler has worked to create new additions to our exclusive print collection, Printworks.  The Printworks Collection introductions encompass 7 patterns with a nod to the original colorways, as well as some new and trending colorations. The design team at Pindler worked to create this handcrafted collection, deriving inspiration from the fish and other marine life found living in the shallow cold water reefs off of the coast of California. Every design originates by hand starting with paper, pencil, a paintbrush and paints. Each design with its own unique hand and aesthetic, blends together to create a curated collection of patterns. Colors are layered into the patterns, adding dimension and depth. Some of the shades are bright and vibrant, while others are more subdued. A harmonious design range that spans from crisp, bold and structured to painterly and organic is born. Patterns that are familiar yet fresh take shape. The Printworks Collection will continue to evolve, and the designs will always be created by hand.

Printworks Collection Press Release