The historic mansions of Newport, Rhode Island, inspired Pindler’s Signature Exclusive Newport Mansions Collection. The Preservation Society of Newport County is the custodian of 11 houses that represent some of America’s most important architectural treasures. The timeless elegance and grand scale of these summer homes spans more than 250 years of American social development. Due to its fine climate and island location, Newport grew from an 18th century maritime center into the “Queen of American Resorts.” This growth reflected the broad and varied development of America from colonial times through the Industrial Revolution.

Newport was the summer destination for America’s wealthiest and most influential families during the era known as “La Belle Époque.” These powerful men and influential women commissioned America’s leading architects and interior designers to build Gothic Revival villas, shingle-style cottages, and opulent Italian and French palaces.

This historical period from 1880 through 1914 was known internationally as “La Belle Époque,” in the United States it was known as the “Gilded Age.” Rewards from the West’s rapid industrialization created affluent new classes eager to patronize traditional and innovative trends in fine decorative arts, architecture and civic improvements. Our collection is adapted from and inspired by museum-quality costumes, textiles and architectural elements found in these wonderful houses, including The Breakers, Marble House, The Elms, Kingscote, Chateau-sur-Mer and Rosecliff. The homes of the Newport high society became a reflection of the times and their aspirations. It was an era when their industrial fortunes built America’s greatest museums, universities, churches and public buildings. In the hands of architects like Richard Morris Hunt and patrons such as The Vanderbilt family, Newport and America truly entered the “Gilded Age.”

Pindler is proud to be a part of a distinguished group of licensees allowed access to this wealth of inspiration. We have strived to capture the elegance and sophistication of these monumental historic properties in our Signature Exclusive Newport Mansion Collection. This Signature Exclusive series of fine upholstery and silk fabrics captures the elegant essence of some of America’s greatest estates.

A portion of the proceeds goes to the Preservation Society of Newport County, a non-profit educational organization founded in 1945. It is dedicated to preserving and interpreting the areas of historic architecture, landscapes and decorative arts.

Featured Fabric:

1953-Astor is a Signature Exclusive Newport Mansions multipurpose linen embroidery.  Astor was inspired by the center front panel of a circa 1891 Cuirass bodice found in the archives of the Preservation Society of Newport County. Astor uses a linen ground with lustrous rayon embroidery in three classic, elegant colorations.